Paid Advertising Explained

Of the paid for methods of building your own email list and bringing gobs of traffic to your website, possibly the most successful is through paid e-zine advertising techniques. The e-zine is a relatively obscure topic for most people, and chances are that unless you are really into marketing and advertising you have never heard the name “e-zine” mentioned before now.

Essentially an e-zine is basically an electronic magazine that is published by a particular website. Different than a mailing list, an e-zine is usually tightly linked to a particular topic or subject, so that everyone who has access to a particular e-zine is interested in that one topic.

There are unique e-zines for just about anything out there from how to build a successful website to how to find the best shoes to where are some of the best destinations for people who like to travel by boat. The possibilities for different types of e-zines are endless, so the first step in any paid e-zine advertising plan should be to find and research the different types of e-zines that will fit into your site’s niche.

Sourcing Out For The Best Paid E-zine Advertising

Once you find a particular e-zine that you feel is the right media for your advertisements, you should contact the owner of the e-zine and see if he is open to the idea of you sticking your advertisements in the e-zine itself.

If the e-zine owner is open to the idea of paid advertising, then you are good to go and you should start creating some advertisements immediately. On the other hand, if for some reason the owner of the e-zine is not interested in sticking your advertisements in (for any price) then you should simply move on to another e-zine that is also well suited to your business.

Creating Your Own Ads

Now comes the tricky part for any potential paid e-zine advertiser looking to enhance the membership of their budding email list – creating the advertisements themselves. The ads you make will have to be more than simple content if you want to unleash the full power of a paid e-zine advertisement.

Remember that hundreds, thousands or sometimes millions of people will be viewing the e-zine with your advertisement in it, and if you want a decent majority of those people to actually click your link, visit your website and subsequently sign up for your email list, then you will have to be especially clever with your advertisements. Even more so if you find that there are multiple advertisers competing with you in the same e-zine issue.

Many people at this point will probably think that their best shot for successful paid e-zine advertisements will be to advertise exactly what their website does, and why someone should pay any attention to it. Unfortunately, while this may be decent for some people, it is a practice that has proven to be unsuccessful for those looking to build an email list.

After all, if a person knows exactly what they are getting from your web service, then why would they want to visit your advertisement if they weren’t interested in your services? That is all well and good if you are selling only one particular product, but you want to craft an email list.

So instead you need an ad that will piqué their interest in what you offer – something that will make them want to visit your website, sign up for your email list and come back for more again and again. This is the only way that you will find yourself able to maximize the payout from a paid e-zine advertisement if you are trying to create your own email list.

The Maximum Opt-In Conversion Rate Solution

The solution to maximizing email list subscriptions through the use of a paid e-zine advertisement is to give the people what they want – something for free or your services in a risk-free offer. Whatever it is that you offer them for free is totally up to you, and in all honesty it does not really matter so long as you give only a rough idea of what your potential customers are getting for free in the advertisement.

You can give away anything from a free article to free research to a free one week subscription to whatever services you are trying to peddle. Just make sure that you let everyone reading the advertisement that if they visit your website they will be entitled to something cool totally free of charge.

Now, just make sure that the e-zine advertisement you have created points directly to your email list sign-up page, tell your visitors that they have to enroll in your email list to receive the free gift and you are all set.

Oh, and be sure that at some point you do actually follow through with giving the people who sign up for your mailing list or you may have a few angry people in the following days. And there you have it, the start of your brand new email list as only paid e-zine advertising can provide!

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