Pay-Per-Click Programs

If you want your website, online business or blog to be as successful as it possibly can be, and to be honest – who doesn’t? Then what you need is a comprehensive mailing list with names and email addresses of all sorts of people to market your products or services to.

Since most visitors to any given website do not make a purchase on their first browse, it is of the utmost importance that you keep track of as many visitors as you can with an email list.

That way, you can more directly market to them later on and convert that marketing energy into sales to generate you profit. Making the hard sale the first time out is extremely difficult, so use an email list to let the buyers come to you – and then grab them when they are ready to purchase something from you.

The email list marketing tactic works for just about any kind of online (or brick and mortar) business, whether you are selling products, doing custom research for people or writing articles that they can use on their own websites.

In order to build an email list that you can later use to solicit your products, you first have to drum up some visitors to your website. This is actually the most difficult part of the task because there is so much competition out there for just about any website.

Even if you think your website is so unique and different from anything else out there, I can almost guarantee you that you will have at least ten other sources of direct competition for your same market – making it harder for people to pick out your website when there are others that may be just as good (in their eyes) as yours.

Although search engine optimization and article marketing are viable methods of generating traffic for your website, if you really want to rake in the traffic to build a huge email list, you will have to consider using a pay-for method like pay per click advertising or paid e-zine advertisements.

Sure, neither of these marketing techniques come cheap – but if you can add even a handful of the visitors you get from these campaigns to your email list, then a pay for advertising method will be totally worth it.

Pay-Per-Click Exposed!

Thanks to the success of the search engine business in the past few years, the pay per click advertising method seems to be the best payoff for someone looking to generate traffic and build their own email list.

Because so many people frequent search engines like Google and Yahoo each and every day, pay per click advertising is the perfect way for you to get unique visitors to stop by your website – even if search engine optimization techniques have not been able to bump your website up to the first page yet.

So, if you are interested in gaining the best benefit for your buck in terms of visitors to your website, then paying Google or Yahoo each time someone clicks on your ad is well worth it.

How It Works

Each and every time someone clicks on your ad, you will have to pay a small amount of money to the company you purchased the ad space with, but if you are turning most of those visits into sales or valuable additions to your email list, then the fee will be well worth it.

Google is one of the biggest names in the search engine business and their ability to bring in visitors to all sorts of different websites should not be taken lightly. With well placed Google pay per click advertisements, just about any web business owner can turn his downtrodden website into a moneymaking bonanza in a matter of weeks.

Thanks to their ingenious AdWords program, Google will be happy to give you a plethora of pay per click advertising space on the results page of peoples’ searches to advertising sections on other peoples’ websites.

Yes, with a contract with AdWords you can be well on your way to getting visitors left and right. However, as with all things that seem so great, there is a catch with Google AdWords – you have to work long and hard on choosing the right keywords for your website.

The special algorithm used by AdWords only shows a few relevant ads based on keywords, so if you are unsuccessful in choosing the right keywords for the most effectively targeted ads, then you will be left with far fewer visitors to your domain than you though.

The other promising choice for those looking to get into pay per click advertisement as a way to get visitors to their website for email list purposes is to use Yahoo’s Search Marketing (formerly known as Overture) service.

Since this service has been around much longer than Google’s AdWords, it is much more robust in terms of what you can do with it. While AdWords is much more focused on targeted advertisements, with Yahoo Search Marketing you can actually target your ads by different criteria – not just by the keywords you have chosen to use.

This gives you as an online business owner much more flexibility over who gets to view your ads and when they get to view them.

Now that you have been acquainted with the top two names in the pay per click advertising marketplace, you should be better prepared to make a decision about how you want to go about attracting visitors to your website.

With pay per click advertisements, you do not have to worry about spending money frivolously on ads because you never have to pay anyone until somebody clicks on the ad for your website.

Furthermore, with both Google and Yahoo, you actually get to name your own price for how much you pay per click – making pay per click advertising a feasible method of generating website traffic even for those webmasters on a tight budget.

As one final tip for anyone looking to get into pay per click advertising as a way of building an email list, make sure that your advertisement is linked directly to your email list signup page, as you cannot expect people who have visited your website via an ad click to browse around for long.

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