Using Special Reports To Kick Start Your Campaign

Marketing is about contacts, and in today’s business world, emails are as valuable as just about any contact you can have. The key, though, is not just to have a list of emails; it is to have a list of qualified emails that you can turn into clients and profits.

Certainly getting a list of qualified email contacts sounds great, but how do you do it? There are a number of ways to get qualified emails, but one of the most effective ways is through the “Special Report.

When used properly, the special report can give you and your business credibility while helping you to build an email list of qualified potential clients.

Take a look at the information below and you will quickly be on your way to building your business with an email list created from a special report.

Creating a Report About Your Subject

Perhaps the best way to encourage perspective clients and customers subscribe to your e-zine or email list is to provide them with relevant and useful information. Your special report allows you to provide something of value (information) to your prospects without discounting your product or giving anything away.

Before you can start to use your special report, you obviously will need to create one. This is the most important part of the process, because if the report is not put together correctly, its effectiveness will be compromised even if you do everything else right.

Start by considering topics that will benefit your prospective clients. If you offer real and useful information, those who read the report will be more likely to opt into your email list in hopes of gaining access to more useful information from you down the road.

If your report is not useful, prospects will be less likely to read the report and even if they do it may not result in the email opt in you are hoping to use to build your email list.

Secondly, research your special report heavily and make sure that your information is rich. Good content will bring opt-ins while bad content will just disgruntle prospects and leave you with a bad report and no emails.

Finally, proofread and edit heavily. Your content should be smooth, well written, and easy to understand. Good information that is easy to understand makes you look good.

On the other hand, good information with lots of errors; that is difficult to understand will may make you look inept. Have an extra set of eyes look over your special report before you move on.

Turning Your Report Into A PDF Document

The next step, once you have written your special report, is to have it converted into a PDF document. PDF files have a more professional look and can make you look technologically savvy to your customers.

What’s more, they will look exactly the way you designed them no matter what the hardware or software is that the recipient uses. Converting your special report into a PDF document is simple, so the amount of work you put in versus the pay off is profound.

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The important thing here is to make sure you get a clean conversion and that your special report looks professional and just the way you designed it.

Circulating Your Report

You have created a special report on a topic that you know about and that pertains to your target clientel. That is great, but now you have to make sure that they are actually looking at the report. If nobody reads your report, it obviously won’t do you any good. So then how do you get your special report circulating and working for you?

First and foremost, make sure it is well known within your company. It should appear on your website as a download and your employees should have links to the download location on their email signatures. This will give your existing clientel access to the special report and anyone with which your employees have contact: a nice start.

The second way to circulate your special report is to write shorter content that will appear online where your prospects are looking. Write a small article that leads to the information in your report, add a link to the report at the end, and post the articles on content websites and even message boards. Spread the word through the industry that you have something of value for free.

Finally, create a flier or other print advertising for your special report. Include the location (a link) for the special report and make your flier available at conferences, conventions, and any other event where you may encounter potential clients. Getting the word out any way possible is the best way to make sure eyes are finding your report.

Building an Email List from Your Report

Once you have a useful report with good content, and once you have properly marketed that report so that it is in front of potential clients, you need to get emails from them. The email list you are about to build is the main reason you created your special report in the first place. So how do you build an email list from your report?
If you have put together an effective and valuable special report, then your clients will want to give you their email. Your job is to make sure there is a way for them to do that.
Within your special report, offer opportunities to get more information from
you by opting into your email list. Offer an e-zine or other information to potential clients who do so.
Provide links to your company website on most if not all pages of your special report. At your site, make sure opting into the email list is easy to do, convenient, and quick. If your target sees something he or she likes, it should be convenient to get to your site and to sign up for your email list.
Remember that the report needs to stand alone as both an informative
special report and as a marketing tool to help you collect qualified email leads. This is important as you allow the report to be resold and passed along by others in the industry.

A Valuable Tool

As you can see, using a special report can be a great way to build your email list. What’s more, you will find that there are many things you can do to make your special report an ongoing aid in the maintenance and continual building of your list.

Just remember to make the content good, the report valuable, and the opt-in convenient and you will have a qualified and reliable list in no time!

In Closing…

This pretty much sums up the basic techniques of list building.

While there are obviously more advanced list building techniques that you can practice and use for your own, I thought you should know that many a top marketer are making it big online today using even some of these “basic” methods to build their list… to a great extent!

You now know what it takes to build your mailing list from scratch, and I would advice you to test every one of them to see what works best for you. This is because every individual is different. Therefore there are some methods that would work especially better than the other for you.

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