Welcome to a Brand New Chapter

If you are a new visitor to my blog let me take just a moment to introduce
myself… My name is Tom Miles and I make my living as an affiliate marketer.

Prior to 2009 I was a successful restaurant owner, a general contractor and
I had a small vending company. I was ridin’ high, makin’ lots of money and
then the bottom fell out! In 2008 the economy took a huge downward turn and I lost it all.

That’s right. I closed my restaurant. All of the builders I worked with had lost all their contracts and people were no longer buying their lunch and snacks from my vending machines.

The only options I had were to either go back to making music for a living
or find something completely different to depend on for an income. Soo…

On To A New Start

I started my quest to make a living in this industry in 2009. Not knowing
anything about internet marketing I started researching and the first thing
I did was build and open an ecommerce site that promoted products in the
area of landscaping products and birdhouses.

Bad idea! You see that was the first of many mistakes that I have made along the way. I built it and it looked great. However, I didn’t know a thing
about getting traffic to my site. Consequently, it failed miserably.

Over the next ten years or so, I tried everything. I spent thousands of
dollars on programs, apps and coaching. I had that horrible disease called
“SOS” (shiny object syndrome). Trust me when I tell you that, “You don’t
want to do this.

In 2017 I decided to start a company called ‘Nationwide VideoPro’. If you
go to the site the first thing you will notice is that over the past several
years I have learned a considerable amount of expertise in the area of website design. (See above image)

And Then Along Came John…

Recently; I came across a program called ‘Partnership 2 Success’ and signed up. I have been following the program for a couple of weeks and I am so happy to finally have a mentor the likes of John Thornhill.

I feel like I have learned more in the past two weeks than the past ten years combined. The best part is that the program is a 60 day coaching series. So I’ve only just begun.

In Conclusion

I guess the most important thing I want you to take from this is twofold…

  • You can make an impact in this business. You just have to start.
  • Consider starting with a coach that is highly successful.

Finally… if you’re interested in coaching, or you want to Discover The
Simple Formula For Automated Sales & Success!

Or if you just want the opportunity to speak to a coach each and every

Watch the webinar above and learn. Take actionable notes and put them to
use! Then stick around for the coaching offer at the end.

One more thing… if you’re not a member of my Inner Circle please feel
free to join in. I promise you won’t regret it.

Let me know what you think. If you enjoyed this post please show a little love and add a comment and please share on your favorite social network.

    4 replies to "Welcome to a Brand New Chapter"

    • Marcel Heiniger

      Welcome to the blogger live, your blog looks great

      • tmiles

        Thank you Marcel. I appreciate your comment.

    • Bill Newland

      Looks good Tom. I think John will approve.

    • Tony Simms

      Good to read of your progress, I hear you when you talk about SOS syndrome, though for me many were more Sh**ty than Shiny. All the best.

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